Killing lowlevels is depressing

As of this moment I am level 43, I have a very progressed account as far as hideout, money and questing. I can happily enter raids with 600k loadouts and not worry about it if I die. I guess that qualifies me as a chad.

I've had quite a few situations the past week where I have made a kill on a PMC and discover that they are very low level players with very poor gear, and backpacks full of trash loot, such as crickents, screws, crutons etc.

I actually take issue with this. I feel terrible when I am going in a raid as a mega chad and I'm making a kill on a guy like that. A guy who is most likely too new to understand what is really going on, and he's probably spent 30 minutes rummaging through gym bags and shelves etc, only to lose it all. I gain absolutely nothing from that, and neither does he. We both end up feeling bad. It's not fun, its not rewarding, and it's not challenging. It just makes me sad.

I wish there would be at least a level based matchmaking system. Nikita, can you add matchmaking brackets?
Bracket 1: Levels 1-10
Bracket 2: Levels 11-19
Bracket 3: Levels 20+
(Or something like that)

That'll put one bracket for the totally new ones, one bracket for the casuals who have not yet reached flea market unlock, and the finaly bracket for everyone else who has gotten some time in and unlocked important milestones.



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