Krait II vs Clipper (+crusader)… Struggling to choose

So I'm in the market for a new ship, and it's been difficult for me to plan out my next move. For a long time (before I took a break from playing for various reasons) the thinking had been to get a clipper, as the most important thing to me is that a ship should be fun and enjoyable to fly, and the clipper should fulfill that requirement. It can also (I believe) mine and explore well. But apparently it's extremely bad and underpowered in any kind of combat, which is… disappointing. (Would be nice if you could go full star trek with it and take beams and plasma accs but I don't think the plasma would… hit anything?)

I also now have some friends who play, and so I realise I could get myself a multi-crew capable ship with a fighter bay and do some team ups. Which is where the krait comes in… as it seems (on paper) to do… basically everything. The only thing I'm not sure on, is how the thing actually flies. People who are fans of it say its the best handling ship in the game, while the people who don't like it say it handles pretty badly. So… unreliable narrators at best!

The clipper being cheaper though also opens up another avenue… I could get a clipper + a crusader (or a FGS) and have the ships loaded out for more specialised roles, rather than a single krait loaded out for a bit of everything. But unfortunately the one thing people seem to agree on in this game, is that the crusader is a garbage fire and the only ship worse than the clipper lol.

So I guess I'm here to ask, now that the 2018 (the year with by far the most results on the crusader and krait searches) hyperbole has died down… Just how good / bad / enjoyable are these ships to fly, and is the clipper really worth avoiding?


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