Krait Mk II: Answering Any Of Your Questions

I've been flying a Krait Mk II for about a month now. I'll be the first to admit that I'm a little biased, but I genuinely believe that there are very few ships on the market that are better than the Krait. With that said, I'm a little surprised at how few people know of the Krait's versatility and effectiveness across roles. Now don't get me wrong, getting a Krait is a massive investment – not quite as massive as a Mamba, FDL, or Python, but it certainly isn't cheap, so I can easily understand a lot of the hesitation around buying this ship, but I promise, whatever role you want it to fill, the Krait can do it.

As such, I've made this little thread for anybody who wants to ask any questions whatsoever about the Krait Mk II. Anything at all. There are no stupid questions here! I will do my best to answer all of these to the best of my ability. And as a gesture of good will, I am attaching a small handful of non-engineered* builds to this thread: one for exploration, one for trade, and one for combat. I am not saying that these are the best builds for any of these roles, but these are some good ones that I've used, and most importantly: they're (somewhat) affordable.

*The reason I left off any engineering is so that you can engineer these how you see fit. Obviously when it comes to outfitting, it's almost never OSFA, so I wanted to leave as much room for interpretation as possible. That being said, I also wanted to give a clear and definitive picture as to the capabilities of the Krait, regardless of engineering, and this was a good way to do that. Even without engineers, this little beast is a formidable ship in all respects!

Krait Wayfinder (Exploration))

Krait Enforcer (Combat))

Krait Privateer (Trade))

As an added bonus, I even slapped a Multicannon on the Privateer for the odd hostile engagement!

With my blabbering out of the way, I now open this to any and all questions you may have. Obviously those builds don't cover everything (least of all engineering), but I can answer things I missed in the comments below! This will not be the last time I do this, as I plan to post something similar for the ASP Explorer, Viper IV, Hauler (Type-2 Gankmobile), and the Cobra III, as well as any other ships that I can get my hands on!

Don't be afraid to ask what's on your mind. I'm making this for you, commander! Ask away!

See you in the comments,

-Jester, an "Incompetent Bounty Hunter"


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