Krait mk2 vs FdL pvp, insights?

I've been looking at getting a more dedicated pvp ship (i know the FdL is king) and was looking at the stats of the ships and need help understanding something:

The Krait mk2 has more firepower (more bigger weapons and bigger distributor) than the FdL. Also if you add in multiple SCBs, it has quite a bit more shield than the FdL. I know it's turn rate is worse, but it adds up to only 1 second longer to 180 (but PAs fire only at once per 3 sec). It does however only take 2pips to eng for perma boost.

What I'm wondering and don't understand is how the FdL typically wins against a Krait given 2 equal and good pilots. Can't the Krait at the very least reverski and kill the fdl? Their boost speed are very close.

This also is ignoring the slf too.

Can someone tell me the intricacies of this? Ive also been told it's nearly impossible for a good fdl to cancel the scbs in another good fdl, and assume that's all true for the krait of it can time it with his pass.



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