LABS cheaters in US servers Experiment/ Cheaters changing names

So yesterday I decided to do a little experiment since at this point I can afford to lose millions of roubles in keycards.

I ran LABS about 20 times yesterday trying to complete the quests guide and samples and noticed at least one cheater in about 15 raids ( 75%).

I started playing with the server selection in the launcher and found that if you click off both California and Toronto servers the chances of encountering cheaters drops dramatically (I ran 10 raids after that and only found a cheater once).

So if you are struggling with either of these quests make sure that your server selection is not set to "auto" and manually check the safe servers.

I also noticed there are two major species of cheaters, the broke and the chad cheater. The broke cheater will tend to have the radar hacks and aimbot but is unable to shoot through walls. These broke cheaters will run around chasing everybody in the map typically yelling stuff with their USEC PMC. Since they can't shoot through walls, it will take them some time to drop every other player in the raid so if you are lucky you may have a couple minutes before he charges at you and kills you.

The chad cheater generally has spent more money in their RGB gaming chair and as a result is able to do with other players as he wishes. They often sport not only radar hacks but also shoot through walls. It will be completely up to him to destroy you within seconds of the start of the raid or let you live for a minute or two. You will normally be able to tell if one of such chad cheaters is in your raid because as soon as you spawn ( within 5 seconds) you will hear bursts of silenced vector or mp7 fire, which won't stop until all players are dead. There is no hope with these ones as you will 100% not make it to the extract even if you just try to run through to save your gear.

On the second topic, I have been adding the cheaters as friends and have monitored their levelling up. Most of the cheaters won't accept the requests but some do (I got 5) I have noticed that they change their name every 7-10 days. This may be concerning if it is a way for them to evade the reports. One in particular I added about two weeks ago after he killed me in Labs. He was level 13. In these two weeks he has changed his name to a long number and then to a TTV name, and he is level 39 now. I imagine if people report him and he keeps changis names maybe he is getting away with all the cheating.


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