Lack of a proper Co-op vs AI mode hurts the new player experience

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero phantom lancer

Where else are new players supposed to learn in a fun and safe and non-toxic environment?

I introduced a friend to Dota and my friend has been getting stomped in turbo and unranked non-stop over and over. She is also forced to play supports rather than cores every game because her last hitting and farming sucks, but playing a support and getting deleted in 0.01 second every fight because everyone else in the game has 5x her networth isn't really fun.

As a core she gets more farm and survives slightly longer so it's a bit more fun for her, but can you imagine being the worst player on the team and playing core causing the team to lose every game?

This is Dota's plan for new player retention?

As far as I know, in both League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm, vs AI is the most popular mode (and in most other games too vs AI is significantly more popular than PvP because there are so many casuals who don't care about competition, they just wanna chill, click some buttons and buy pretty skins). So Dota must have done something really wrong for the vs AI mode to be this dead right?

I mean I guess she could play the tutorial over and over or play against nobody in the demo mode… but if those are really the only other options then it's no wonder League of Legends is more popular than Dota


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