Lakon Type 7

So, I have somewhere around 500 hours on game spread across multiple years. I come and go with this game, and usually find something new to do each time. New ship, new objectives, etc.

My first stint in this game, that was the T7. Of course, I had to work up to that, but when I got it, that was my staple for a while, of course trading. I loved that ship. Although I know most wouldn't agree, I think it is one of the best looking ships in the game. The Chief has it bear now, but T7 is still beautiful. It reminds me of a european "lorry," which fits it so well. The canopy is amazing, which is why I am almost always in a Lakon.

Well, after spending several hundred hours doing other things in other ships, I decided to take the T7 back out last night. And… just wow. This is an amazing ship. It flys better than most ships out there. I got the jump range nearly to 50ly, and that's with 293t of cargo and reactive armor. It gets up to 350m/s with boost, and that's with D rated thrusters.

I feel like this is such a great ship, but with no real place in the game. If it had a single medium hard point, it would be a great mining ship, especially with the way it maneuvers. If it were a medium ship, it could deliver cargo anywhere. I think Lakon just hit the mark here, but I don't care. It is a great ship, and it is just as fun as a Chieftain if you ask me. In different ways sure, but still just as fun.


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