Laning combo that has been working.

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So I'll preface this by saying that my bro and I are shitty dota players but we do try and do like to win, but also we don't study it or go crazy into it to gain mmr. We are both barely over 3k when the old mmr was a thing, we took a haitus but recently jumped back in. Weve been jumping in offlane with DP and Pugna and we have absolutely been wrecking the opponents safe carry, taking T1 quickly and transitioning into farming heroes all over the map. Granted we only have done this like 5 times, but it has worked the same way every time for us. My question is, what are potential pitfalls for this strategy, what heroes would counter this well? No one has tried tri-laning against us, and opponents have not been tp-ing in as much as they should IMO. I'm just trying to get a feel if this is a good combo or only good because we are playing at a bad level of competition. Any discussion/advice/opinion would be great.


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