Late night/early morning Thoughts of a hatchet runner

Hi folks, I am fairly new to the game and you might remember me as the guy who posted the photo of getting the first lucky scav junkbox a few days earlier. I have to say I love the community, memes and game so far.

After browsing the reddit posts, i think there are a lot of posts and hate revolve around the “hatchling problem”in which PMC spawns in maps naked of gear, run to high loot area, grab/put in secured container and run to extract.

Now, I have to tell you that I got most of my money for the junkbox from Hatchet run in interchange. let me tell you a bit of why I always hatchet run, maybe the dev will use this to analyze hatchet runner psychologically lmao:

1, money, of course. I personally love Mosin and it’s one shot capability. I normally do 3-5 hatchet run and go for one mosin geared run in custom to kill scav or whatever that is far away. I do have fun killing in game, but I do not tend/expect to survive so it costs money(yes I know the insurance function). I also love the idea of having a nice hideout so that costs money as well.

2, satisfaction of stealth game play. Extracting with sling backpack filled with valuable loot while not being spotted by scav and other pmc is very very satisfying. Adding a totally different experience to tarkov gameplay and I love it. I also love hoarding different valuables like teapot so that counts as well.

3, time constrain. I can only play this game for less than 6 hours a week. So not really having the time to ‘git gud’, so I profit from this game by hatchet run.

I really do not understand why hatchet run offends so many people, there are plenty of loot to go around. if you are fully geared up and want to fight other geared dude then so be it. If you want to kill hatchet runner, then its expected and even easier to do so. Hatchet runner doesn’t have to be all ready for the harsh life of tarkov like the devs envisioned because EFT is a game and hatchet run is a way to play it. I think for now this play style fits me the best and I guess I will keep it that way.

I think for ‘causal’ player like me, the game lacks a stable source of learning and income and a sense of accomplishment because the game is punishing as it is(I don’t blame the dev as the game is still developing). I feel like all the talk about hatchet and secured container should be tuned down a bit. Instead of firing your shots of how to punish hatchet runner and making container more useless. The community should come up with ideas to encourage dev to take care of different populations of the player base so at the end of the day, everyone is happy, game will sale, more people will join in (after all that’s every publisher’s goal isn’t?). But always remember, why bother playing a game if you cannot have fun in it?

sorry for my broken English and please roast this poor hatchetling all you want 🙂


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