Late wipe in this game sucks real bad for a new player. Is there word on how this will be rectified once the full release is here and wipes will stop happening?

For a new player the game feels like the perfect balance of risk/reward 90% of the time. Running around with my buddies, learning the maps, spotting a scav and getting into some fun scraps, it’s great.

But then a player turns up. I never even see them most of the time, it’s just a spray of bullets from som indeterminate distance that you have no hope of spotting or countering. It feels like a roll of the dice wherein if I happen to cross a players path by chance it just means I instantly fail.

I love a challenge, and I don’t want the game to be easy, but this isn’t a challenge. If I have no way to escape or counter, or have any real hope of overcoming the encounter at all it’s just annoying.

It’s not even about bad plays on my part. I watch the videos, follow the guides, stick to quiet areas of the map, watch my 6, play carefully through doors and corners, never sprint etc

But even with all that i can be quietly looting a few low value scraps from a corner of the map and still just get suddenly executed from a threat I never saw coming and could never defend myself from even if I did.

My understanding is this problem of disparity between new and experienced players is less severe at the start of a wipe when at least the gear difference is less frequently insurmountable.

So what will happen after full release? How will new players hope to get into the game say one or two years after release when the majority of the existing player base will be entrenched as un-killable insta-killers?


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