Learned some lessons tonight – I wonder if any of you have a similar story.

SO …

After about 30 hours (yes, newb here) – I was stagnant on collecting copper and tin and upgraded everything I could. I didn't see any progression. I know you progress by exploring, but I had my cozy world – no enemies that I couldn't take down, so no problem.

I still can't build worth a damn. Just a few hours before, I learned I could make teleports – so obviously experimenting with those. I explore a few tombs and now I have 2 bases interconnected. I have enough of the red stones?, so I build an open ended teleport at base 2 and head off to explore and my thinking was this: the greyling? eyes are abundant so is fine wood. I will just take the red stones and gather what I need when I get there to complete the transport link.

I figure, I should venture to the Elder. On the map, didn't seem to far (unexplored) thought a straight line would work. Well, fast forward 15 minutes in the ocean, skimming coast lines and hey Swampland. I dock – some meaty looking dudes in armor started bow and arrowing me, I book it back to the boat. Okay – above my paygrade.

Carry on … Not sure how much my boat took on in damage but hey Plains. I have been skimming this reddit s0 made the decision – nah, we can come back. Keep on sailing to the Elder. Mind you – I have only bronze upgraded equipment and troll armor.

I see some meadow lands just south of the Elder, so I said – time for base 3. Brass axe in hand, I chop down trees, build a modest square home. Get the roof on top, take a nap.

Next phase, lets build that portal so I can re-equip and repair some tools. Oh, I need fine wood and greyling eys. Lets go get that. So all of that chopping wore down my bronze axe, eh, I only need 20 fine wood. Find some fine wood and gather, welp – I get 18 before my bronze axe breaks.

Now, okay … choices. I am a minimum of 15-20 minute boat ride back to my last base OR since this is my new base, lets just build it up. I chose the latter. Lets explore. I should have made the trip back

I run east of my base and get to the edge of the meadow and find out it is Plains. All good, I have all troll armor and sneak. I cross to see what there is and DEATH?BUGS. I get obliterated by some mosquitos with like 2 hits. (makes that post I saw earlier today, understated).

Luckily, my spawn point was my new square I just made. I go on a corpse run and get my stuff and high tell it back to HB3. Okay, let's head west for a bit. Turns out to be North/west but hmph, Swampland. I turn back to HB3.

I need copper, so I get in the boat (repair it, turns out it was about 75% damaged) and head south until I see black forest territory (~10 minutes – no wind at my back).

Find some copper, dig it up, beat a troll and 2 nests. Meanwhile, I am ditching inventory to carry the copper that is needed to make the forge. including one of the main things for the portal (eyeballs!, didn't realize it).

Get back to HB3 after about 10m (wind changed, paddled the whole way) and start the charcoal and smelter. Took a sleep.

I now have the copper to build a forge and get the remaining 2 fine wood for the teleport. Go to build, I don't have the eyeballs, I had dropped most of my inventory in a chest and only had 9 eyeballs.

Welp, don't want to make that ocean voyage again – so lets 'sneak' onto the plains and see if there are anybody willing to give up the eyeballs. ……… I literally cross the threshold of the biodome and was killed almost instantly by the Deathbugs.

Okay – now lets corpse run and run back. Success. Crappers, I have to make that trip to the closest black forest that I know just for one eyeball.

Do it, get back, create the portal, go to HB2.

Take a nap … quit the game.

That was my entire 3+ hour campaign tonight. Learned I am super over powered against the only 2 biomes I know and super underpowered by the ones I don't know.

I am not sure I am ready for The Elder.

TL:DR … Don't blame you.

If incoherent, sorry, had a few drinks.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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