Leeching players (AFK)

Hey all. Recently came back after a longer break and im burning trough content. Im enjoying myself but one thing that keeps annoying me are players constantly going afk or ignoring objectives. I see this in other co-op based pve games aswell but here it can be so punishing as you have to spend YOUR time farming mats and building, and the same goes for guns ammo etc.. I often give away stuff etc to people asking but i have very little patience with people litterally cheating me out of my own personal time which is why i find this extra disgusting.

Now in ventures its even worse than before. Seems like 2/4 players are constantly afk in my lobbies. The missions that were already hard enough are now almost impossible…..

So STW reddit, whats your stance on this and how do you deal with them? Id love to just straight up leave or let the mission fail, but that just ends up wasting even more of my time. Is it reportable to afk intentionally like that? (they are technically griefing??)

Anything on the topic of Leeching by afk is welcome. Would love to hear others mindset on the topic. Have a lovely day folks!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/mbdivb/leeching_players_afk/

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