Let player factions give away weekly materials

Already posted in on the official forum, but would like some opinions from reddit players too.

I learned some new thing about BGS today so it seems this idea would need unique squadron factions too.

I often see people talking about giving a meaning to player factions and background sim in general, as well as asking for new meaningfull ways to gather engineering materials. I would love to see players factions giving away materials to their players based on the number of systems controlled by this factions, and to avoid every players to go to the same big factions, I think it should be divided by the numbers of players in this faction.

Numbers can be tweeked but you get the idea. It would give a huge incentive to do missions for you squadron's faction, as well to participate to wars. It could be based on state & nature of controled systems, like mining ones giving away raw mats for an example.

As for power play, you should have to participate each week to get the reward, otherwise you could came back after months of non-playing to huge mat collection.

What do you think ? Also sorry for bad english.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/kzywtv/let_player_factions_give_away_weekly_materials/

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