Lets discuss the current problems and fix them

This is intended to be a discussion, so lets talk about a few things as of this wipe.The issues last wipe:

  • hackers
  • hatchilngs
  • de sync
  • price gauging on the flea market
  • items sold out
  • guns becoming meta
  • flea market making items readily available

Last wipe had a few issues, this wipe the major changes have been the found in raid flea market, and the reduced spawn chances on most items.The issues this wipe:

  • Hackers (worse than before)
  • task items are very rare
  • task items must be found in raid (most of the time)
  • de sync has been especially poor
  • hackers overrun reserve and labs
  • edit: skills don't level in relation to playtime. Nobody has ever gotten some of the skills to max level, even playing to lv 79 last wipe. Strength almost doesn't level, and getting lv 3 strength for hideout doesn't happen. I'm lv 42 and my strength is just getting to lv 2.

Now we understand that increasing the stakes for legitimate players help out cheaters. Making almost all tasks found in raid items, and making the items spawn less, and lose found in raid status is very annoying when we cant be sure we are being killed by legitimate players.

What must be done?

I think when the flea market was added into the game, the developers hadn't considered how it would interact with tasks and trader stock. To "fix this" found in raid was added. What doesn't make sense is, found in raid applies to items given as task rewards, from hideout, and when successfully extracting items. Instead of having found in raid, we should label items "blacklisted' or "contraband", this would make items from traders or the flea market blacklisted so they cannot be sold on the flea market, or turned in for tasks. If you desire, we could also make items you die with black listed.

Not only this, we must also discuss the hacking issue.

At the moment, the main problems have been aimbot, radar, remote looting, speed hacking, and fly hacking.Im not an expert, but I believe this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/gvymp4/tarkov_should_implement_defense_in_depth_to_fight/

covers the issues pretty well.

We need to stop band aiding problems because it has snowballed, the implementation of the flea market has prompted RMT to hack and trade items on the flea market. Now these people have just taken to dropping items in raid. Nothing has been fixed, only changed.

Finally, Skills don't level properly, and have unnoticeable perks. The progression must be redesigned, and the perks must be useful and have an incentive for players.

Another thing (edit): every time a new spawn is added, it gets nerfed to shit. Kiba was added, and great. It got nerfed to oblivion. Shoreline got ledx spawns, basically removed. Ultra Medical Closet was a high tier medical spawn. Never found an item of value since 0.12.6. Now with the dynamic loot, I haven't found an item of value anywhere really.

Lets discuss what the issues are, find the core causes, and lets discuss the potential fixes. I want to help the developers out and make this game a better place for everybody!I hope Nikita sees this, I would love to discuss in the comments, best of luck to everybody!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/gxd3tl/lets_discuss_the_current_problems_and_fix_them/

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