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TL;DR; Why are seasons so short? Couldn't they last 2 months? I feel frustrated not being able to reach higher ranks on pro ladder because I can't play 20 games per day.

Hello everyone gwenties,

First of all, I want to say that I'm an average pro ladder player (Not a real pro). I'm currently between rank 500 and 600 depending on the time of the day. I don't want to send the message that I could be Top 16 or Top 64 since I'm pretty far away from those spots in terms of skill. Said that, going on topic:

IMO, the grinding you have to do in the ladder is pretty brutal. I always said that the MMR system Gwent uses is the one I like the most (Having to play 4 factions, 25 minimum games per faction and the final score being a sum of the TOP factions MMR for the total MMR rank) but sometimes I feel I have to keep playing to keep on with, for example, just earning the TOP 500 rank to stay in PRO next season. I've got 200 games played, and I feel that, if I'm not a real pro with a 70% winrate, there's no way that I can get into that TOP500 with too little games.

Of course there are some exceptions. During this season 3, so last 6 months, only 3 people (Kolemoen, theshaggynuts and Koumakis) earned TOP20 with less than 400 wins but once again, they are real pros.

I understand that if you have a 3 games lose streak with a faction (Much likely in some moment during season), unless its MMR is near 2400 you'll have a hard time getting the MMR back to a point where a win earns you a new TOP MMR and that long seasons might be bad for this (Hell, I even read some people over here saying that last days of season play more meme'ish decks or wanting Draft to actually work because they are done for the season). In fact, since seasons are this short (And maybe that's the matter), once I'm 30-40 points down in a faction I immediately switch factions (I even thought of playing ST if I got all my factions fcked up lol!).

The thing is, this rarely happens to me (Maybe, once again, because I play 7-8 games a day), and I feel like I could get a higher rank with more time on my bank. To more competitive "casual" players (Casual in terms of having enough time to play since I can't spend 8h+ daily in the game like the real pros), it feels so punishing.

I'm not really sure on how to solve this. My best idea would be that seasons last 2 months instead of 1. Since this game actually rewards more or less same MMR points when you win or when you lose (From 6 to 9 for what I've experienced being 7-8 the majority of the time) I think that this would be fair for everyone. People who really gets higher (Even at top ranks), will deserve it because it will mean that they've improved their win ratio. In fact, this MMR system really means "TOP Win/ratio of the month with the diversity to have played 4 factions and a minimum of 100 games". So more time would give everyone (Not just casuals) more chances to get higher on the ladder.

In summary, I feel frustrated because on every other game I played on the past, I reached a "wall", being it Champion or Diamond "X" where I played a lot of games and couldn't get higher because people were better than me while in Gwent, I feel my wall is a little bit ahead but I haven't the time to reach it because seasons are so short.

Thanks for your time! Let's discuss!

PD: Would be AWESOME to have some answer/explanation from our beloved community manager /u/burza46 about why seasons last 1 month (The less I've seen on a game) and the reasoning behind it.

PD2: I've seen some TOP20 with more than 1000 wins… Hell, that means 35 games per day which resolves in like 8-9h everyday without missing a single one! If you miss one, you need to play 18h the following one or to play 10-11h some other days to compensate! INSANE

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