Let’s talk about Munro Bruys

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So with the upcoming change for Munro I’m happy that the Devs realize that this card is in a tough spot.
Although I love this card and like to play it I’ll have to admit that the payout for setting this card up is too low and for the provision it costs you could easily replace it with other cards in your deck which give you greater advantage and less headaches.

The upcoming change won’t do that much for Munro, unfortunately.
Sure, he’ll be a bit more flexible and you can use him to bait out removals, too, but the problem
stays the same.

Last week I was thinking a bit what kind of changes could help this card to be more viable and make it a possible must-include.

My idea: Give him row based abilities.

Melee: Summon and play a Dwarven Skirmisher

Ranged: Deploy. Transform 2 allied Rowdy Dwarves into Berserker

Explanation for the Melee ability:

If he would be able to summon a Dwarven Skirmisher you could use it to destroy an enemy unit or you won’t destroy a unit which would give you the full 12 provisions back.
-> 6 points body Munro, 3 points Skirmisher with the buff + 3 dmg on enemy unit.

This would be more than helpful and would prevent slapping your forehead when you have three cards in hand and the last mulligan is Munro without any possible set up.

Other possibilities would be provision changes because 12 is honestly too much.

What do you guys think?

What could be done to make this card more viable?

I bet a lot of you have better solutions than I do 😀

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/mz0zg7/lets_talk_about_munro_bruys/

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