Let’s talk about the ending.

I hate the ending we have with context, but I decided to give it a spin which makes me feel worse and better.

What if, the ending we have is the “canon” ending to Epic because we could NEVER win against the storm.

No one in the main story really ever wins. Yeah, there’s great character development for pretty much everyone, but that’s about it.

We learn that Desiree’s death was in vain, and the one thing that pretty much made the attack against the Storm King possible is dead as well. In addition, not only was the Storm still alive, but it is raging more than ever in Twine.

This all just equals to you being a ragtag band of survivors trying to fight a cataclysmic god of sorts. That just isn’t the story you walk away winning.

Game design-wise, it also wouldn’t ever work to have an ending in which the storm is “killed.” What would you do for missions after you completed it? That ending wouldn’t be compatible with the type of game STW is.

Now, there is a glimmer of hope in the new Dungeon. In it, Chaos Agent refers to how Jekyll’s research could end the storm. Now, I am aware this was probably just your general STW dialogue-schtick, but this is the first new content we’ve gotten in a good while that isn’t Ventures. Maybe that line hold the future of this game.

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