Let’s Talk about the Ping Lock.

I Feel, The ping lock needs to be talked about and addressed by the community and BSG, Initially, I thought this idea was a band aid fix, I felt at some point there would be a better solution. I see so many guys here on the sub that suffered from its implementation, so many groups lost contact as they couldn't play together anymore. I totally understand BSG's reasons but it just isn't working. By far I've seen a negative effect on the community, more than anything else.
Today though, I have seen something that I think really sucks

As some of you may have already seen

Ghost is a great part of this community and has been around a super long time. Sad to see him go and hopefully we can get some new ideas and approaches to the problem that can bring him back.

Now, hackers and RMT are major problems, this is not in question, But the ping lock hurts more than just them.
Controversially I feel it may also be the fix of the problem with a different approach. which in turn fixes other issues the community is having.

A while ago, It was said we would have access to more than 1 PMC slot per account, and I feel this could be used to fix SO many issues parts of the community have, let me explain.

The Idea

1st slot – Play anywhere do anything PMC slot, no restrictions. The way it used to be.

2nd slot – Hardcore Regional – Lock them down tight via ping to regions such as "The Americas / Oceania / Europe / Asia " and so on, now the twist, to start a hardcore PMC, you need to have an account with 50 hours of playtime overall and be in good standing, this will reduce, not eliminate cheaters and stream snipers as its more exclusive to regions, new accounts cant be made on a whim to harass others or cheat. And this status can be lost. It should be viewed as a safer place with serious competition. So something to be earned and kept in good standing.

3rd Slot – Seasonal PMC. After the game goes live, BSG is still undecided on if it will do wipes or not. this is the easy fix. This slot would wipe at BSG's command so they can keep it fresh for those who like the game that way. ( this could be done in 2 x slots international open and regional )

And to solve a whole different issue.

A 4th slot, PVE PMC's – whilst not my thing, this is by far one of the biggest requests we see on the sub from newer and casual players and even people who just want to relax with friends. This SHOULD catered for, use the servers you have and just pump up the scav numbers and let them go at it. Just turn off player to player damage or limit it to 1 party per server or something cheesy, it really doesn't affect server load, these players are still playing the game and I'm sure the lobbies can be split easy enough?

Now you throw in the leader boards and you already have a recipe for some fun and it fixes issues for all sides. not all of them but its a good enough fix to appease the masses. Now that we have the report system this could really work.

What are your ideas on how to tackle the problem of ping locks and region locks going forward? Do you like what they have achieved? or are you against it for other reasons?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ix6b2r/lets_talk_about_the_ping_lock/

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