Let’s talk hackers, RMT, Ch..gaming chairs, money

Looking for some discussion here on the hacking/RMT issues, here's kinda where I'm at, how I see it:

Problem: The Flea Market gives unlimited access to endgame gear once a player hits level 10, which enables shitty players to swipe their credit card to increase their chances of living through a raid. For a couple quarters, you can gear up in a Slick+Altyn+HK. To feed this shitter-driven need for roubles, a large amount of players cheat to gain roubles, then sell those roubles for real-life money. Shitters want gear, Cheaters want irl money. Cheaters gather the roubles, Shitters pay them the money.

Possible solution: A hybrid mix of the pre-Flea game and the current post-anarchocapitalist utopia Flea. Limit Flea purchases to items available from Traders, and select crating items used in Hideout construction and/or crafting. You can still sell anything.

The goal of this is to somewhat return to the old days where RMT wasn't such a big thing, by limiting the availability of endgame gear to low level/new players. Simply put, you can't spend more than 100K on a single loadout when all that's available to you are basic guns with no mods, ironsights, shit ammo and shit armor. When you're spending under a tenth of what you otherwise were on gear, your demand for roubles decreases lowering RMT amounts.

Pretty much in the mindset of – if you have $100M and nothing is for sale, the money is worthless.

If you disagree – what would your idea be to combat the hacking issues? I think it's worth keeping in mind that at the end of the day, for a large percentage of these cheaters, this game is a job. If you cut their pay enough, they'll quit. The solution is economy-based, not 'get better anticheat'-based, because that shit will never happen.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/i6r6x0/lets_talk_hackers_rmt_chgaming_chairs_money/

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