Level 62 for Kappa is a great change but the truth is that it’s still hard as shit to get to 62. Don’t forget where we came from!

Level 54 here, been playing a lot of Tarkov this wipe, 52% SR, I have plenty of tasks left undone, mostly tasks that weren't required for Kappa. I just wanted to say that I appreciate the drop to 62 from 71. 71 was totally unreasonable but let's be clear about one thing, 62 is still far too difficult for most people who basically don't eat sleep and play Tarkov. Remember we basically had an unlimited level before, all you had to do was do the required tasks which is hard enough as it is and in my opinion if you can deal with all the tasks required you definitely deserve Kappa.

I know this post changes nothing, BSG will do what BSG wants at the end of the day, they could remove Kappa from the game altogether if they wanted to, I'm just saying that this change will still not affect most people, instead of a few hundred players getting it it's gonna be a few thousand players. instead. You probably won't make the cut if you aren't hard grinding exp in labs or reserve for 3-4 hours a day minimum. I personally would have liked no restriction for Kappa considering that by doing all the tasks you are in my opinion worthy of having it since leveling is just a matter of time at the end of the day, you either have the ability to spend that time or you don't, whereas tasks can require skill and game knowledge which is in my opinion a far greater criteria than availability.

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