Like Every Good MMO, Tarkov Should Have A Starting PVE Zone

It isn't needed, but would be a great addition to the game for its longevity and ability to initiate new players past the: I loaded in and Died 4 times straight, I'm never playing this again crowd. The cool thing is, they could honestly do this with Customs. It would cause some riots from people who use Customs to dunk on noobs, but that's part of the reason I think it should be a PVE zone. Customs could either have some quests restructured like we saw with the last wipe OR Customs could have a switch that allows you to PVP on it after level 10. I would restrict Reshala spawns in the same way, maybe by level of the lowest member in the party or maybe by a community goal, either way the objective would be that someone COULD NOT farm Reshala and the gang in PVE and then go dunk on some nerds just stretching their legs on Woods without some real investment. This thought occurred to me after killing some low levels there and realizing how much it just hurts the overall progression of the game for that to be a common occurrence. Thoughts?


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