Limited birthday llamas, yahoooo!!!

This game is already killed by its own devs with amount of updates, or new heroes. But Epic, what the heck??? Why do you try to limit birthday llamas??? I already got 20k summer tickets and I don't even know what to use them for. I didn't specially collect them for birthday llamas. I just get them while playing in my common way. And it looked like a good opportunity to use them, as I literally own every single item in three copies from the events, that you repeat since the start of chapter 2 in br!!! THREE!!! One for sunbeam upgrade, one for brightcore upgrade and one for collection book. Last year I got about 50 freaking useless llamas during the same summer event. In the previous pirate season I got the same problem. As I own all pirate, halloween, winter, chineese and musical heroes and weapons. BUT I STILL DON'T HAVE SOME OF THE ITEMS FROM OTHER EVENTS. For example I missed some stuff from the sci-fi event. And it didn't repeat since season 9!!! So the only hope to get the missing items were these birthday llammas. But Epic said no. 👍 They can only give us 3 fking llamas, and all event tickets will be lost for nothing again. Cool. Fk you epic, this is the worst idea ever, not mentioning the previous year, when we didn't even get any llamas…


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