List of “Must-Do” or “Must-See” things in Elite:Dangerous?

What's are some of your Must-Do or Must-See things in the game? I'm not thinking of things like "Acquire a Python" or stuff like that, but more along the lines of things related to the Lore/Backstory, things which are just pretty to look at, or things which are defining moments in the game. As a player who has not been around since the beginning, but would like to experience as much of the Elite story and expanse as possible, I'm interested in what things other Commanders think are "Don't Miss" events, locations, sights, or stories within the game.

As an example, I recently visited Jameson's crash site and listened to the logs there. Granted, I was there for the engineering resources, but I found the logs and the history of that event fascinating as they added depth to the game. So, other things like this which, sure, might be helpful to do from a gameplay perspective, like completing that Guardian engineering thing I've heard about, would absolutely be great to include if it also has Lore/Story elements to it too.

So, Commanders, what have you encountered out there that made you pause what you were doing in the never-ending pursuit of cash or ranking to just stop and appreciate the richness of the world in which you were playing?


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