LL4 traders having cheap prices feels a little moot when things vendor proportionally for some players

I took a step away from the game for awhile and came back for the special event. It's nice being able to buy almost anything in the game and really go into raids and just have a blast. It's fun getting into geared fights and the field just being equalized.

That being said it almost feels pointless that the vendors are super cheap when things vendor for almost nothing, unless you have a decent amount of money starting out. If you are like me though and don't have a lot of money because you haven't played in awhile you can get a few really nice kits for super cheap and still have fun, but since you make money at a proportional amount it actually almost doesn't matter that things are cheap. You just have access to LL4 vendors.

Which is still nice, not trying to complain too much as I am still having fun. This is more just food for thought. Essentially only your starting money is discounted and everything after that is normal. Which seems weird for a super event.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/dl0ju3/ll4_traders_having_cheap_prices_feels_a_little/

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