Locating Bio/Geo Signals.. Anyone?

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Anyone got any tips on actually locating biological and geological sites on planetary surfaces? The old game, Horizons, was set up such that the signals actually corresponded to discrete locations on the surface. In Odyssey, it’s basically, a blind goose chase. To quote Vorenus, ‘like hunting a black dog in the night’

And I’m growing a little, let’s say, tired of it.

Anyone got any tips on actually locating these? I’ve been just cruising the surface in orbital mode, looking for signs of something interesting on the surface and that’s been very hit or miss, mostly miss. Sometimes I’ll just randomly drop in onto the surface somewhere there is daylight and begin searching around, again to limited, highly limited, success.

There has to be a better way than just random sampling. Seems to me a bit strange that my sensory array can detect the presence on the planet/moon from hundreds or thousands of light seconds away but once I get close, and scan the surface, it’s got no better idea than, ‘somewhere down…there…I guess…(?)”

Any tips appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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