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Just to be clear, I don't really play lockdown, but with the recent changes to leader abilities and the addition of more charge abilities I would suggest a change to Lockdown so it is not completely useless against them.

Specifically SY can abuse it a lot of letting just 1 charge left and making Lockdown useless.

What if Lockdown had 2 charges? There are 3 rounds so you could use it twice. For every charge used you spawn one less operative if the enemy completely used his leader ability. Ofc it would need some changes with the provision.

There are more options with 2 charges. You could lock the ability round 1 and push for a win. Either you risk locking it the second time and push for round 2 or you drypass/normally bleed without locking the ability. If you use both locks in round 1 and 2 and the enemy counters the bleed you are in a big disadvantage. If you don't use your lock the enemy stars the 3rd round and could use the leader before you get the change to lock it (or just a few charges). It adds a lot more depth to it.

The same goes without locking round 1 and you losing/winning round 1 and having to think about the enemy leader and who starts in later rounds.

This change makes the leader a lot more viable, as there are ways to use it without feeling bad, and there are still counters. As the enemy you can push hard to get round control and play out your strategy as you need it. I think you would need to think a little harder playing as and against this leader.

I don't want a lockdown meta again, but the leader should be at least a little bit playable so we don't have another invigorate/stockpile in game. Share your opinion 🙂

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/n0jr2y/lockdown_change/

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