lockdown should spawn 3 agents or have 2 charges

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in its current form, lockdown is complete garbage. it only gives you 13 extra provisions, and in return you only get a 6 point leader in the form of 2 bodies. most leader abilities when played tend to get anywhere from 8 to 12 points, with the lesser values having synergy which compensates for it. for example, patricidal fury is an 8 point play but it gives you three bloodthirst, which makes up for it.

lockdown gives only a measly 6 points which dont even synergize with anything, on top of the low provision cost. yes, you could actually use the ability itself if you dont like the bodies, but you almost always wanna play it in round 3, since you can only use it once now, and getting bled makes the ability worse since your opponent will get much better value in a round 2 bleed, forcing you into using lockdown sooner rather than later. and even if you do use it in round 3, certain leaders like mahakam forge for example already have their passive abilities activate on the beginning of the match, so it still works in the opponent's favor.

imo they should either let you use the ability in two out of three rounds, or they should keep its current ability but spawn an extra agent on your melee row. 9 points proactivity with 3 bodies seems reasonable for 13 provisions, and it's not like the bodies synergize with anything anyway, so it wouldn't even be OP. it would also be susceptible to row punish, as well as clogging the melee row. but at least the extra points would make it viable instead of useless like it is now. which ability sounds better? 2 bodies with 2 charges or 3 bodies with one charge? im not advocating a return to the old ability so lets not even get into that.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/mu568c/lockdown_should_spawn_3_agents_or_have_2_charges/

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