Locking so many items behind a time-limited Paywall?

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Hi everyone, I'm sure we've all noticed a trend, where Valve is locking items in the battle pass and at around 100 on top of the basic pass cost is ridiculous. This has become more of a nuisance in recent years. I think they were expecting the game to die, seeing the number of players declining, and so trying to milk as much money out of it as they can. But looking at the 1.4 million viewership and the anime, more new players might start getting into it and they might wanna get those items, but they can't.

I seriously don't like this limited item thing, it is not good for the game's player base. If they like heroes, they buy items for it, and they play the game more, trying to get that money's worth out of it. I think they should remove the "Not tradeable/Not marketable" concept and release those items for everyone so new players who are just getting into the game can get those.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/qbmtrn/locking_so_many_items_behind_a_timelimited_paywall/

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