Logic vs guessing

One of the most common ways to lose a round is by not being smart and instead voting people out on guesses. Personally, if I think someone is guessing, I'll either skip or vote for that person. Never for the person that they're suspecting.

The game isn't intended to be played by guessing, its intended to be played through logic and deductive reasoning. I had a round where we won with 5 left and a meeting called.

I was Brown with no visual tasks, so I knew if accused I had no sure way to prove my innocence by calling skip and doing a visual task. Pink, Orange and Black were following each other. Yellow was doing tasks. I had watched Pink do a medbay scan. So I called a meeting. It went like this..

Brown: Pink has seen Black and Orange do tasks, I've seen Pink scan. That leaves Brown and Yellow as sus.

Yellow: But you're Brown.

Brown: It's you or me, and I know it's not me. So logic says it's Yellow.


Pink: Yes, it is.

It would serve no purpose for me to call a meeting and vote Yellow off if I was imposter, as that instantly throws all suspicion on to me.

They ended up voting Yellow off and winning the round. This was a public lobby, and shows that if you can use and explain the logic, public lobbies can be very smart.

Play smart, people. If you do, you don't have to wait for imposter to make a mistake to catch them.

P.S. My in-game user name is "Trust", I have the bear ears and default colour is brown. If you're imposter and you see me – kill me.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/jz5jcf/logic_vs_guessing/

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