Looking for Advice on games as Meepo 70% winrate

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Hello everyone,

Just had a stupid game after 10 super games, 1-11 support 3-12 support, apsolutly monsterously fed terrorblade and Kunkka and me as a Storm could only pick off supports with 10 min orchid. I won against kunnka mid and he just went around roaming and killed them non stop. I ganked few times but they were so far ahead ( terrorblade had 12-0 10 minutes in the game ). I've taken aproach of outfarming them, but then I decided to pick off supports which i managed to do often and got some items however enemy grouped up and ended the game.

And advice what to do when lanes go to shit in a matter of first 10 minutes ? I ganked, farmed fast tried to help them but they were feeding non stop and I couldn't do anything to stop it…

What could've I done better I need someone with good game knowledge to share some advice on winning unwinnable games. MMR doesn't matter since it happends in all brackets I play at.

Thank you for your advices and experiences/stories…

I just wanna win 100% of my games alone in mid lane but I guess it's impossible..

Unless I pick meepo there is always a chance I dont get 25 kills in 20 minutes and end alone. I hate relying on team mates in random pubs which always do stupid stuff, I do mistakes I admit it but it's a shitshow lately supports feed non stop, and when I use any hero except Tinker Morph Meepo or Brood honestly, I loose because of thair feeding…

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