Looking for friends to party with (+18, EU servers)

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Hello! I'm still looking for people to play DOTA2 with, I'm currently rated very low (300 MMR or so), but interested in improving. I've tried looking for people to play with several times, but so far haven't really found a consistent bunch of players.

I like planning for a strategy before hand, like deciding heroes that go well together, or practicing certain duos. Of course you also need to take into account that sometimes some heroes are banned, and that sometimes opponents have heroes which warrant different picks. I like thinking about builds and item orders, although DOTA doesn't really afford a lot of room for experimentation, you can still have some fun trying out new things occasionally.

I'd prefer playing with a bit higher rated players, especially since I'm like at the bottom of the rating barrel so it's hard to find lower rated players anyway.

I posted a similar thread yesterday, but I updated the contents a bit and wrote a new one this time.


My steam id is: 1140726503

So please add me to your friends list and invite me to party!


I'm also considering starting streaming and am experimenting with a twitch stream that's basically constantly running.
But for now I am not using a microphone nor a camera, so it's really dull to follow.
The only interesting part about the stream is, that I've enabled the whole screen recording, so you can basically see whatever I'm doing constantly. Including writing this reddit thread.

You can find the twitch stream from the address:




I also got into trouble with the Russian security services back in 2016, long before I started playing this game, and have received some harassment online. That means commenters might be related to this trolling case. It's also annoying when I get friend invites and they turn out to be from these Russia trolls.

The word "Russia troll" in this case does not refer to a person that's necessarily ethnically Russian. But that's what I'm using for a lack of a better word. My assumption is that these people are some kind of low level foreign recruits for the Russian security services, but it's not clear if the people involved themselves know for certain that it goes all the way back to Russia. Personally I wouldn't want to talk about this, but since I continually receive subtle harassment related to this, I have to kind of try and deter trolls by mentioning in advance, that I have contacted the authorities, including the local counter-intelligence. So if you're a troll with the intent of writing something nasty or sending me a friend invite with the purpose of messing with me later, then perhaps you're less motivated to do that knowing that the counter-intelligence has been notified. Additionally, for the rest of you who have nothing to do with this, at least I let you know in advance, in case you're worried that you could get involved into a mess you don't want to be in, then you can just ignore this ad for playmates.

A short word about the methodology involved. The Russian harassment methodology in this case is fairly subtle, and it's designed to make it difficult for local law enforcement to intervene. A lot of it involves this long term over time conditioning, basically keeping track and creating reference points about a person, whom you know that the person will respond to, but will be meaningless to outsiders and bystanders. For an example if something important happens to you in your life, such that there's a thing that suddenly gets a special meaning for you, it can be used in this harassment procedure. Personally I'd rather spend my time thinking about other things and just play some DOTA, but apparently that's not something they're welcoming in this case, so we'll just have to see how things proceed.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/m4fcl9/looking_for_friends_to_party_with_18_eu_servers/

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