Looking for people to play DOTA2 with

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Hello, in this post I'd like to try and look for some people to play with.

  • EU West and US East servers.
  • +18
  • english only
  • for ranked primarily
  • I have 10 MMR

Notably though I have gotten into trouble with the Russian security services and related to that I get harassment/trolling in basically every game I play. The problem is that if I queue for a random pub match, I don't get random teams, but instead it's more like everyone in my team and the opposing team are Russia trolls.

That leaves me with the option to try and find people to play with online elsewhere. Unfortunately, this in turn has involved some online censorship, such that my messages might not reach people the way they're supposed to.

Additionally this rating is probably quite inaccurate and entirely a result of this trolling problem, whatever the accurate rating oughta be one can only guess.

So if you'd like to play with me, the steamid is:


I also have a twitch stream that I run occasionally. Note I don't use microphone or camera, so it's kinda pointless. You can view it here:


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/mvrz3x/looking_for_people_to_play_dota2_with/

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