Looking for some advice on wings and combat

Greetings CMDRs I was hoping for some advice about assassination and massacre wing missions. I got my girlfriend to start playing for a couple sessions and she really likes combat. We got her a viper pretty quick and she has just started to upgrade it. I have a Corvette I recently started to engineer ( https://s.orbis.zone/dmzm ). Ive mostly done trading and exploration though I've done quite a few assassination missions solo. We where pretty successful doing a massacre wing mission in a low intensity CZ last night as most of the npcs aggrod on me and I was able to keep their attention while she shot them down. Right as we filled the contract though a higher level ship came out of nowhere and blew her up almost instantly. I was thinking maybe we try a few assassination missions instead haha at least until we can upgrade her ship fully. Maybe it's just the ones I've seen but are all the wing assassination missions elite ranked? Is this just because it's scaled to a group or are they really quite difficult? Any advice would be helpful plus I just like to talk about Elite… Haha O7

TLDR; I've been playing a few months, getting my girlfriend to start playing. Having trouble getting a hang of combat in a wing as have mostly been solo and don't want to just get her killed.

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