Looking for tips for the low 3k bracket

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As a pos 5, I find that this is the point where it becomes difficult for me to climb, and I'm not sure which areas I need to improve on.

Generally when I go into games, I have a ritual. I'll go to the bounty rune, usually going to the one that my team decides to flock to, to give us a better chance at contesting. Then, when the game begins, I'll deward the pull camp and either bodyblock or ward the enemy's pull camp.

From there, I'll try and snag the bounty rune at min 3, 6, and 9, depending on whether or not my carry needs me in lane.

Then, if we have a core that can farm stacks, I'll generally move towards the triangle to stack camps and rotate to my offlane to help secure kills.

From here, it becomes a bit more nebulous depending on how the game is going. I guess I'm looking for more mid game advice, maybe for playing from behind. Usually in the mid game when we're waiting for our cores to get farmed, I kind of meander. Also when we are winning the game, I tend to still ward defensively, and on high ground cliffs, which are predictable.

If anything, I think the most helpful advice would be what kinds of things I should be thinking about during each game, what my priorities should be, and some of the best support picks this patch so that I can practice them.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

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