Looking for your coolest world map seeds

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EDIT: somebody linked to r/valheim_seeds so i will just be going there. anybody else interested in whatever would have been in this post's comment section can just go there.

I host our friend group's server, and I have shut it down some time ago before we beat final boss because I knew very early that we'd all play many hours of this game, and I wanted to save a lot of it for when it's closer to finished product, rather than playing through all the wonder before it's really fleshed out.

anyway, I was wondering if there's like some big repository of various people's seeds and how they look that I could get a few from, and randomly pick one to use when we generate our world so that I don't actually know which one we are on and won't have it too ruined for me.

I'd prefer a world with a handful of larger contiguous land masses/continents separated by larger uninterrupted oceans. our original world had a few decent size islands, but most of the land masses were very small and then separated by very narrow "seas" if you could call them that… like a windy maze of ocean with lots of tiny little fragments of land forming obstacles. a lot of our biomes were similarly fragmented once we got off our starting island. many of the islands that WERE a little larger were just patchwork of biomes, so finding decent size swamps or mountains was really difficult.

I'm not looking for a super convenient or "easy" world layout in terms of all the bosses on one island or anything like that… but neither am I looking for really hard layouts where you have to explore like 90% of the world map if you have any hope of finding one of the bosses or a trader. I like the idea of like, only eiykthir on the first island, and then having a short/direct shot boat journey to other large masses for each of the other bosses.

I went to a world generator webage and just randomized a few, and found one that I liked ok. the seed was "swampyworl"

I'm going to save the seeds in a text doc and just randomly pick one in a few months when we spin the server back up, and hopefully i will have forgotten mostly what any of them look like.

If you've got some good seeds, please post them in here and maybe I can add to my list of possible seeds to pull out of the hat


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/pdenwu/looking_for_your_coolest_world_map_seeds/

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