Looking to build a PvE FDL for Bounties/CZ/Assassination missions

I'm just getting back into Elite with a new commander. I've been away for probably over a year. I'm looking to build a FDL which was my favorite combat ship. But before I go to the effort to buy and outfit and then engineer everything, I was hoping I could get a second set of eyes on the build by someone with more experience.

I'm going for mostly optimized, but not super, since I do want some freedom to land and take an srv out if I'm winged with friends or whatever.

Most of my questioning is about shield balancing with engineering and resistances along with boosters. Not sure if I should be pushing a prismatic and boosters for absolute MJ or run with bi-weaves with res augs. I think in the past I ran with a prismatics and tried to shield tank which was awesome but took way too long to regen. From what I've read it looks like bi-weave and res aug is the way to go?

Heres the build:



Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/njjls2/looking_to_build_a_pve_fdl_for/

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