Loot disappearing from bodies right in front of me?

I know this is going to sound crazy, but has anyone else ever had this happen to them? I know with 100% certainty this wasn't the case of a rat player sneakily going up to my kill and looting without me seeing. Additionally I know it wasn't a friendly looting his friend.

I was on interchange just now trying to get my 25 scav kills. I'm heading outside going towards railway near the end of a raid and I hear gunfighting going on at scav camp. I make my way there chill in the grass on the far side of the highway compared to the mall about 30 or 40m outside the entrance of the scav camp.

Two player scavs are running towards me out of scav camp, I kill both when they're about 25m away. They are literally in the open on the road away from any sort of cover or concealment. I notice one of them has killas helmet and body armor on when I zoom in with my elcan. I wait in the same bush to reload, and clear the area from any other enemies. I do not open my inventory at all during this time. Bodies are still visible, zoom in and double check to confirm the player scav has the killa helmet and body armor.

Both bodies are along the road in the open maybe 5m apart. I stayed in the bush for probably 3 minutes carefully clearing the vicinity because I wanted the killa loot and possible key card. If someone came onto the road to loot the bodies I would have seen them without a single shred of doubt because I have the entire highway locked down.

I stand up and sprint over. I almost immediately notice the player with the killa loot does not have a single item on him. When I get to his body he only has a triton with a half used car medkit, a pocket with a nade, and a scav backpack with 2 sets of wires and a cpu. I do not remember what gun he had equipped when he was running at me, but whatever gun he had is not there. The other scav had his normal gear on when I killed him, a shitty vepr, a mask, and random junk in his vest, he had a burket with some random junk as well like AA batteries and cpu fans.

I think to myself I just got freaking ratted by someone, but don't understand how because of all of the reasons listed previously.

Around the killa loot scav there was nothing on the ground indicating someone came up and cleaned him up by dropping their stuff. No head slot items, no body armor, no junk on the ground to clear space. His body was literally in the middle of the road, but just in case I went into the woods a little and checked the immediate bushes for stashed gear, nothing, checked the median and other side of the highway, nothing.

Honestly, has anyone ever had this happen? In my 750 hours of play I've never seen this happen out in the open. I've lost loot before because of bodies in hard to see places where people can sneakily flank, crawl, or conceal themselves perfectly to loot and get out. But in this situation the bodies were not far from me at all, I had very clear line of sight, confirmed the body had it's loot twice, and I was constantly watching the general direction.

I have no explanation, and unfortunately without video or photo evidence few people will believe me. But honestly I'm completely stumped on how this happened and was curious if anyone else has had this happen seemingly impossible scenario happen to them.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ksptlk/loot_disappearing_from_bodies_right_in_front_of_me/

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