Lorewise, which cards are “away from their factions”.

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(This discussion is exclusively lorewise, the mechanic of a card doesn’t matter)

If you are a fan of the lore like me, it is very probable you grit you teeth when you see a character in one faction (or neutral) and not another. For example, for me, lorewise Way of the Witcher is a complete mess: Erland (NR) was born in Skellige, the School of the Bear (SK) is located in Nilfgaard and there’s 5 -beasts, allegedly- monsters NOT in MO when the latter has barely any consistency.

Some cards used to be in different factions in Witcher 3 like Regis MO and Djikstra NR or in the beta like the Caretaker while some factions totally deserves a version of a card like NR Triss or MO Avallac’h.

There are also some neutral cards which have more arguments to be in an actual factions, the SY leaders for example. Some people have suggested for some neutrals to be dual faction to not break devotion and these 3 could be perfect examples.

Or you are enthusiastic when you see different versions of a card in two different factions. For example, Black Rayla is NR and Fallen Rayla is SY, but we’re still missing White Rayla in between or a young Rayla in ST (she’s half elf).

In the enthusiastic for, we also have the old leaders: Dagon, Arachas Queen, Hemmelfart, Gudrun, Djikstra, Calanthe, Radovid, Henselt, Demavend, Adda, Filavandavel, Eithne, Svalblod, Bran, Calveit, the Usurper and Ardal Aep Dahy.

Which cards would you say are "away from their faction"?

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