Lost gear, panicked, used devcommands

I'm a pretty new player. Got to bronze smithing and made some bronze gear. I sailed all the way to the elder, dying a few times but always being able to recover my gear arduously. After I killed the elder, I got cocky and sailed right into a swamp where a mob killed me. Without a raft, I feverishly darted through a plains biome area to try to get back to my gear, dying haplessly many times.

I panicked and spawned some bronze to fashion new gear and a portal to get back to my home area. Right afterwards I felt like I spoiled the game for myself. Sure, I wanted to get my gear back but I could have "started over".

Couple questions: Can my friends still join my world after I used devcommands?

I lost the swamp key in my death, should I kill the elder again to get it?

Should I ditch my new stuff and try to grind back my bronze gear?

I know it's my own world in single player mode, and I paid 20 dollars (overwatch joke), but I can't help but feel the guilt of taking a shortcut. What do you all think?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/mrjash/lost_gear_panicked_used_devcommands/

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