Lots more cheaters lately or do they only run night raids now?

I have been running a lot of night raids the past few weeks to get quests done and its been working pretty well until this week. Now I am getting killed by blatant cheaters almost every other raid. But seemingly only in the night raids.

In my most recent raid I was aim botted by user Free_Carries who was recently exposed on LVNDMARK's stream as a cheater as well – and killed him at least twice. Other times grenades come flying at my location perfectly and blow me up when I wasn't moving. I know that doesn't prove cheaters but its happened frequently enough in night raids specifically that it really seems like cheating at this point. Just sitting in a bush or crouched in a building and hear bunny hopping and 2 seconds last insta-blown up by VOG. Could be thermals.. but sometimes I am not even in line of sight.

Is it unsafe to run night raids now? What has been your experience this week?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/qcyk31/lots_more_cheaters_lately_or_do_they_only_run/

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