Love the idea of Overwatch, but its effects are terrible

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10k behaviour score has become a toxic infested pool. Every other game I have people breaking their items, or at least being extremely angry and toxic via communication. Yes, we have more reports for comm, and yes, I mute people. But still, the difference between before overwatch and after, is incredible. I also feel like I'm lacking overwatch reports for this, when before I usually had enough for these toxic outliers.

I wonder if the people that are now happy that overwatch 'allows me to escape behaviour score hell!' are the same toxic guys that do not realise how toxic they are.

I'm repeating myself but people breaking their items was an EXTREMELY RARE occurrence in my games before. Usually 10k toxic stuff was mad pinging, chat wheel 'well played!' and that's it. It has somehow escalated immensely.

For context, I play 99% ranked, ancient1 mmr bracket, in SA servers (sa/chile/peru).

Am I the only one noticing/experiencing this? For those of you who were high behaviour score before, how do you feel about the change?


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