love this game but man i can only play for around 1 hour/day

as the title says, i really love this game but honestly if i play for more than an hour or maybe even two my body will get tired as hell. Playing this game is like a workout for your body and your mind, i go to the gym and my pool to swim every few days and man playing tarkov is almost as tiring as those 2 activities.

i can play other games for HOURS, like literally hours and just feel meh, even other competitive games out there i can play them for hours as well. But boy this game is truly built different, by the time im done playing for the day i can feel my pp starting to breathe again.

and it's not like im bad at the game, im almost level 40 & pretty good at pvp. But that doesn't change the fact that this game is one big workout, ngl im impressed by how streamers can play this game for like 12+ hours/day, i mean it's their job but still.

does anyone else feel the same?


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