Lunch Rush Event

What’s if we had a lunch rush event for all the food skins? It’d be a pretty simple event because of how many food skins they’ve got.

We could get guns about food

A shotgun called “Beef Blaster” the shoots hamburger patties as bullets and has a chance of dropping Durr Burgers on eliminations.

An SMG called the “Cheese Cutter” that has a chance of leaving stinky clouds of cheese that could chain for a higher cost if charged (but chained hits deal 15% damage)

“Big Dumpling” could be an RPG that shoots a large dumpling rocket and leaves husks with a flaming flavor

“Big Sizzle” could be a hamburger somehow magically stuck to a giant spatula that can pack husks on it over time as toppings (this one is stretching it)

Still, I think a simple and fun event where we could fight waves of husks away from a Durr Burger joint to protect survivors or something like that could be fun.


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