This is my first wipe, im approaching lvl 50, and finally, maybe, slightlyyyyy getting a feel for the game and what guns work for me. I have bounced between a lot of different gun builds and loadouts- AKs, SMGs, M4/Hks, etc.

Time after time, I come back to the M1A SASS and this thing absolutely SHREDS. It actually blows my mind how accurate it is even at a point fire. At this stage of wipe it seems to be one of the most consistent and reliable rifles to use. It even seems to be slightly better than the RSASS, which it essentially is replicating.

Dont get me wrong, the meta M4 builds slap, but the reliability at both distance and point firing just always surprise me with the M1A.

Anyone else fall back on the M1A SASS when the going gets tough? What other rifles/builds do you guys use that leave you feeling like "damn, this thing is the TRUTH"?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/nlmemk/m1a_rsass_is_god/

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