Made it to Colonia after many days. Made 250 Mil on exploration data!

The 10,000th "Colonia milestone post," go!

Seriously, I did make it to Colonia after days and days, I put the game down for a few months waiting for Odyssey to release on consoles.

I only found out recently it's been delayed on consoles.

So I picked it back up, and went and discovered dozens of first-scan water worlds, ammonia worlds, and a few earth-likes, and that is something I do not regret at all 🙂 My name is all over the galaxy!

I also discovered, toward the tail-end of the journey, that you can use Neutron stars to beef up your FSD. Whoops.

Did it all in a diamondback explorer. Pretty nice ship, but I'd prefer something a bit bigger, you know? Bulkier. Massier.
So, first thing I do in Colonia is buy myself a Type 7 transport ship with my money!

… But it turns out it's barely viable for exploration(my main mode of money-making), as it heats up like a kettle, meaning every time I charge-up by a sun will be a gamble without Heatsinks, and I can't find any people selling modules in Colonia to soup up my 7.

Thus, I figure I sell my Type 7, take my diamondback to Sagittarius A, and sell all my exploration data when I get to the explorers Anchorage. Cannot wait.

From there, I can either:

  1. Fly into the nearest sun, and spawn back in the Bubble. Then I'll buy a Krait Phantom.
  2. Wait in Explorer's Anchorage until Odyssey eventually releases on consoles.

What would you recommend?

BTW, is 250 Million a modest sum overall? I stopped by one of the outposts on the Colonia space-highway, and got like 30 mil for whatever I sold. That normal?


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