Made it to Python! To new player advices from a new player!

Picture of the 63 Million


Following my start of the journey to robigo c.f : Reddit First tread (TL:DR You take mission from point A, drive them to a beacon 3 Jump away, analyse the beacon, and go back to where you took the mission so 6 Jump.)

I actually ended up doing the 63 Million i needed for my Python upgrade, and now big money will comes. I am following Yamis quick guide to Robigo Passenger grind.

I will give more precision on how i did proceded to earn that money, i am a simple player, not better than anyone, not worse than anyone, mean you can achieve it.

-1. I've farmed combat mission with a cobra MK III you can see the details here : Fitting / Different build – Reddit-2. I've wasted 25 hardly earned million into a vulture for CZ (Combat Zone) and imo as solo player it was SLOOOOOWWW as fuck, even slower than bounty hunting with the MKIII. (Btw in under 10h just with combat i earned around 30 Million all counted in)3. With my last and painful CZ mission asking me to take down 45 Target for 13 Million credit ( Took me close to 6 hours.) i've bought an ASP Explorer that you can find on Yamis quick guide.4. I've gotten to Robigo place, and start the grind, however i've lost a good hours with many things i had to setup for QOL.5. Now i writte that reddit thread, full with hope and good news for new player, getting rich quick isn't fake news media!


Important note that Yamiks didnt explained in the video :

  1. Do not make the 300 LY i've did from where i was to robigo in the ASPX, totally waste of 2 Hours. Instead, fit on it a good fuel scoop, try to get as close as 25-30 LY jump radius and you'll be fine. i was running 300 LY with a Class 1 Fuel scoop, literraly took me 3 total refuel wich was 20 min +- each of them, so yeah, waste of time again.
  2. Set up Keybind for the 75% Throttle speed, if you haven't heard about it as i, when you approach an objectif in Supercruise, as far as you keep the ETA at 06sec-07sec you're fine, how to do this : Go full speed until you get close to 06-07sec, then press the keybind to 75% and adjust with thrust forward/backward, sounds complicated, easy to apply its muscle memory things, don't over think about it. You can find the keybind in Controls -> Ship Control -> Flight Throttle
  3. Set up Route Bookmark, i'm lucky to have a "still alive and pumping 2017 high end desktop setup" but yeah, as you all know, fps in this game is hard. So i figured out instead of opening galaxy map, setup route, then go again inside the navigation tab, well all that take load times, its not huge but for optimization it made me win atleast 1min on each 10-13min run to simply have to hold click on the first icon on the top left when i open galaxy map.
  4. Don't feel bad about low earning mission : Pick up the hightest price you can, and fit the rest of your ship following that rules, and in 3h as far as i can see, you increase rep, wich increase big money mission, for exemple my last 4 run max payout mission went from 1.7Million to 3.7Million and it keep climbing!

And the numbers :Times are my, don't look at them to see if its better at that times or not, its just for overlaping each hours.

15 Million in bank : 19h30

33 Million in bank : 20h30

Break(Eating)33 Million in bank : 21h03

45 Million in bank : 22h03

63 Million in bank : 23h03

So it took me 3 Hours of grind and you can take out a good 45 min out before running smooth, twinking my setup after each run, so i'd say 2h15 for a total of 48Million in an ASPX.

Conclusion : It doesnt feel at all like a grind, you have to be activ on your computer, but a bit away aswell between jump quick enough to launch a quick youtube video on your smartphone. Go and get da space mula as Yamiks would say!


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