Major formats are wrong…

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero phantom lancer

Virtus.Pro eliminated…

Alliance eliminated…

Aster eliminated…

…and they were all Upper Bracket teams and came to the Major as their region number one. And they only played 4-5 games in the major.

Now lets take a look at other teams;

Vici Gaming ; played 24 games

Team Nigma ; played 24 games

PSG.LGD ; played 14 games

Team Spirit ; played 14 games

TNC Predator ; played 14 games

… and all these teams beat their opponents.

My point is the teams that already played games for 3-4 days have an advantage. Their hands warm, they can see if their strategies works against other pro teams, they are more prepared, they are more confident, they are more adapted etc … So i think this format is bad for the league winners. These Wild Card,Group Stage teams can play 10 games before Playoffs and become more preperad while UB teams only wait and play pubs …

What do you guys think about this ? I really want to know your opinions.


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