Make Interchange Great Again!

First I’ll start by saying YES I realize some of this stuff maybe even everything I mention has already been suggested. With that in mind interchange is still one of my favorite maps if not my favorite but with all the killa farming and loot farming it’s literally a waste of a map since most people leave after 5 minutes. Ive had countless raid where I dont hear a single gunshot after the 37 minute mark until player scavs spawn in.

SO obviously the power situation is fucked maybe even beyond fucked since you either camp power or turn it on for someone else. Im a big fan of the power delay which I think should consist of turning on the power and then booting the lights on piece by piece until eventually lets say after 5 minutes the power for the entire mall comes on that way You actually have a chance of getting to Kiba or Ultra before someone swiped it because you flipped the switch for them…

BUT THE HATCHLINGS!!! Yeah fuck em… I think to coincide with the power situation, all of the tech spawns, or at least German, Techlight, and Maybe Rassmussen should be gated and reliant on the power so that once the power is turned the gates will all open at the same time after the power charges up (so after the minutes pass or however long it takes for the power to come on)

But then everyone will just camp power!?… I thought that too so maybe for the caged tech stores like TL, German, and Rass there could be a manual over ride switch for each store that you need to turn on individually for each store you want to enter (if the powers not turned on) but there would still be a delay and maybe even a longer one since theres no power.

I have no Idea if this would be viable or is even a reasonable suggestion but I thought it sounded pretty cool and the more suggestions people bring forward the better. I think the power charge up and the gated Tech Spawns would really fuck the hatchlings but also make people stay in the raid longer and I think both of those are positives. Just an idea tho.


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