Make the grind COOLER

There are a LOT of really gorgeous vistas in Elite, probably. I see a lot of people posting pictures of them anyway. Not a lot of mechanical reasons to go see them, but there COULD be.

Currently to grind data I scan a bunch of beacons, I relog. Manufactured materials I find and HGE, shoot some limpets, wait a bit, relog. To grind raw, I fly really far away to a boring moon, and I shoot some spikes that come out of the ground.

Some of the guardian stuff is actually really cool, but it's decidedly not by the time I'm done gathering the things I need. So here's some ideas to make the grind more interesting, along with some stretch goals.

  • Add intentional volcanic regions/fault lines with seismic activity where gathering raw materials is more interesting.
    • For exploration, let people land in an SRV and setup monitoring stations that alert the entire galaxy if a volcano/fault becomes active. Pay the person who put the station there.
  • Lagrange storms are cool. Add rare materials (super conductors?) that appear in lagrange clouds. Much more exciting than spikey rocks
    • Make them electrically charged, collector limpets don't work. Each item scooped gives 10+ materials.
  • Add rare materials to core asteroids.
  • Make the already exciting sites (guardian sites) provide WAY more materials on a single loop. Try to balance it to the point that by the time the cool factor is wearing off (2-3 times) you have everything you need from that site.
  • Add some connected loops/gameplay.
    • Get rare materials from taking thargoid hearts (gained from AX combat) to thargoid temples (or guardian?) in hard to land locations, which open up for on foot gameplay.


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