Making Money fast

So, I started the game a week ago and tried several things to make money…

First I farmed bounties until I couls afford a chieftain and fully outfit (not engineer) it. I proceeded to farm some more bounties – without the help of the police this time.

Next of I bought myself an ASP Explorer and outfittet it to be a mining ship – core mining seemed quite lucrative, did ~30 mil / run with sub-optimal equipment.

So next of I got myself an Python to do some passenger misisons, cause a friend bugged me "Do Rubigo". Tried that.. A passenger Mission takes my python 5 jumps (10 total) and nets ~10-20 mil credits / 15 min.I haven't tried trading and exploring so far.

So from my experiance so far core mining seemed to be the most lucrative, tho I was lucky and was able to sell in systems that offered ~250% market value (dunno how uncommon this is?)

Are there other ways to make money fast? / What is the "fastest" way to make money at the moment?

Edit: Also I'm thinking about engineering my friendship drive – how long will it take to farm all the materials for it?


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